Weird Lady Music

1st & 3rd Days Above


Host Baltazark (Jodie Baltazar) brings you WEIRD MUSIC made by ladies and music made by WEIRD LADIES spanning genres, geographies, and generations. This show is about finding and celebrating the curious ways in which women confront social or artistic banality with sonic self-expression.

Means of Production

3rd Day Above


Means of Production is an hour long conversation about Chicago’s dance and performing arts scene. Sharon Hoyer, stage editor at Newcity Magazine, talks with dancers, choreographers, performance artists, puppeteers, presenters and performers whose work doesn’t fit neatly into any one category.

Out of the Archives!

Second Day Above


Out of the Archives! share a diverse range of stories told by public housing residents, as well as those working in the field, from our Oral History Archive. The stories in our archive lift the voices of an oftentimes marginalized community and create a space for important conversations to happen. Each episode features a different theme that responds to our mission to preserve, promote, and propel the right of all people to a place where they can live and prosper.

Cookbook Series

Fourth Day Above


This months episode is titled: not death et al.

We were told the ending should be memorable. Our legacy, if we leave one, will change with the times. You, denizens of the future, will remember not what we were, but what will become of us. You will see that the constellation does not hold the meaning, but holds together. It holds a group to be seen, for a brief moment, it is not about death at all, not death et al.





Rebel Steps



Rebel Steps is a podcast about taking political action guided by the concepts of direct action, solidarity, autonomy and mutual aid. It guides listeners through actions that go beyond protesting and calling your representatives. It’s created by Amy and Liz, two sisters living in Brooklyn, NY.

Soothing Sounds



Soothing Sounds is curated by the fine folks at UNCANNEDmusic. This series aims to present calming tones for our stressed-out times. UNCANNED curates extra-ordinary sound experiences for the hospitality industry, creating unique designs to enhance any situation through music. Lumpen Radio and UNCANNED hope that this special programming helps you find your center.

Gridlock Soundlab

First & Third Day Above


This is Sadie Woods, and I’m bringing you Gridlock Soundlab, rush hour radio featuring House, Afro Latin Rhythms, Worldbeat, Disco, Funk, Soul, Electro, and Indie Dance music. Gridlock Soundlab, first and third Fridays at 4, only on 105.5 FM, Lumpen Radio.

Democracy Now

Monday thru Friday


Daily national news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González.

Democracy Now on the Web

The Jams



Classic, Old School and more…these are the JAMS!

Lumpen Week in Review



Welcome to Lumpen Week in Review the show that covers the past week of news, happenings and programs presented on Lumpen Radio.