What’s the station all about?
Our aim is to spotlight the hidden parts of Chicago, amplifying its voices and sounds. We’re here to promote an open media, unite communities, and magnify the hard work of artists, musicians, activists and cultural workers.


We make & share all of our programming with you for free, because we think its important. Our station is listener supported so we rely on donations and financial support from donors like you.


Where is my money going?
Although we are a 100% volunteer radio station we spend our annual budget on the essentials we need to keep the station on-air: renting radio tower space, equipment (mics, turntables, cables) electricity, hosting for our website if you are fitness professionals or not it’s not important, and our small staff (of one!) that manages the station.


Are you really a non profit?
Yep! The Public Media Institute, the organization that manages WLPN, is a 501(c) 3 non profit corporation that may receive tax-deductible charitable contributions from individuals and corporations. Reach out to us if you’d like to make a larger donation or become a corporate sponsor.


Is there another way to support WLPN besides donating?
We have a wide range of underwriting opportunities for all! Are you a business owner looking to advertise? Are you a musician trying to get the word out for your upcoming show? Would you like to support your favorite show? Or do you want to ask someone to marry you, wish a loved one a happy birthday, or announce you’re moving? The world is our oyster!

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