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EurekaCast NOW



ECN! is a New Media collaboration between Tech Brothers New Media Labs and the Simon Amy Institute of Spirit Science. Each week, join Media Disruption Developer Kai Hubris and Professor Rowan Meadowlark as they bring you the latest breakthroughs in science and technology.
Find more information at www.awcyfm.com/eurekacast/

Monthy (1st Day Above)


LIFER is a show which gives a platform and voice to those persons striving to make a difference in this world, whether to help their fellow human, animal or environment. The show celebrates positivity, opportunity, creativity and a “being the change” philosophy in action. The goal is to provide the information and resources available to help promote inspiration, growth and action in those seeking a better world with each other.

This Is Hell!



This is Hell is a weekly longform political interview program broadcast in Chicago since 1996.

This is Hell!

Bi-Lengua Radio

Monthly (2nd Day Above)


Bi-Lengua radio bridges the gap of the Americas with themed episodes that explore the collision of culture. Expect an eclectic tour of music and conversation in English and Spanish.

Buildings on Air

Monthy (1st Day Above)


Buildings on Air is a show that demystifies architecture through wild speculation, good conversation, a healthy dose of lefty political perspective, and lots of skepticism about the ‘power of design.’ Each show features guests from the many different facets of the architecture world in Chicago and beyond.