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Who Gives A Shit?

Bi-Weekly (2nd & 4th Days Above)


Is it a commentary of the Sisyphean task of life in late-capitalism as exemplified by the internet emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or a question we answer every show with guests such as heavy metal musicians, elected officials, union activists, comic book creators, and other oddballs? Who gives a shit? Either way WGAS is a rollicking 2 hours of surrealist fun, deep conversations, and musical mayhem!

Release The Hounds

Bi-Weekly (1st & 3rd Days Above)


Release The Hounds brings you Lidia Vomito spinning Metal and Hard Rock on vinyl for the first hour and Punk, Hardcore, etc. the second hour from cohort, Bryan Chump Change. Release The Hounds airs every first and third Monday of the month from 10 pm to Midnight. Tune in and howl out… Awoooo!

The Metal Show

Bi-Weekly(2nd & 4th Days Above)


Vivian plays all kinds of music, as long as it is metal. Special attention is paid to local Chicago underground bands as well.