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Bi-weekly (1st & 3rd Days Above)


Spiritworld is a showcase of sounds that are designed to transport you to another world. A communication with an ethereal, spiritual and psychedelic world that we cannot see, but feel. A world that is happening around us all of the time and all we have to do is listen.

Idiot Business

Monthly (2nd Day Above)


Primarily experimental electronic music, Idiot Business includes but is not limited to IDM, techno, bass, jungle, rave, ambient, electro-acoustic, noise, hip hop, rock, and pop. The show aims to provide good music to bob your head to or space out to (or both), irrespective of format or (sub-)genre.

Down & Outbound

Monthly (2nd Day Above)


A collection of experimental jazz and non jazz rooted in Chicago’s deep tradition of improvisors.