Queer And

Bi-weekly (1st & 3rd Days Above)


Queer And is an interview based show that highlights the queer communities that form within even the smallest niches of art and culture in Chicago. Why do we seek each other out? How do we choose what aspects of our personhood take center stage? Each show, hosts Sydni Baluch and Nick Wylie, explore these ideas of identity and passion with new guests always adding their life experience to the perpetual pot.

RAISIN vol 1 (Chicago)



A radical Black woman playwright found her excellent work embraced as an enduring artistic format that encourages dialogues on inequity and justice in cities across the world. The late Lorraine Hansberry’s narrative serves as the RAISIN inspiration, as well as a departure point for exploring a multiplicity of experiences and conversations.



Welcome to the broadcast platform of an eponymous visual arts exhibition featuring dialogues between visual artists, theater scholars, fair-housing advocates, global migration advocates, and more. The exhibition project is led by curator Asha Iman Veal, Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellow 2021. Veal also produces this radio cast.
RAISIN offers a dynamic slate of conversations that explore local and global perspectives on “home.”


Featured artworks above Black Woman Why? (2020) and ACT 2 SCENE 2 (2021) by RAISIN artists Kierah Kiki King.


Weekly Day Above


BeerDownload is the only podcast and radio show that pits beers head to head in a tournament style competition to find out which beer reigns supreme.

Soothing Sounds



Soothing Sounds is curated by the fine folks at UNCANNEDmusic. This series aims to present calming tones for our stressed-out times. UNCANNED curates extra-ordinary sound experiences for the hospitality industry, creating unique designs to enhance any situation through music. Lumpen Radio and UNCANNED hope that this special programming helps you find your center.

Lumpen Radio Twitch Live

pop up


Lumpen Radio Twitch Live is the Community of the Future, streaming today. Weekly programming is curated by Lumpen Radio, PMI, ESS Chicago, International Anthem, Neobeat, LA Experimental, and more. Concerts feature artists and musician from all of over the world, together. Check the schedule often for updated concert information and follow us at twitch.tv/lumpenradio.

EurekaCast NOW



ECN! is a New Media collaboration between Tech Brothers New Media Labs and the Simon Amy Institute of Spirit Science. Each week, join Media Disruption Developer Kai Hubris and Professor Rowan Meadowlark as they bring you the latest breakthroughs in science and technology.
Find more information at www.awcyfm.com/eurekacast/
Wattz Up! and La Mesita



Wattz Up! is a youth produced and hosted variety talk show that reflects their culture and their communities. After Wattz Up! listeners can enjoy the sweet sounds of La Mesita, bringing independent and upcoming musicians to Yollocalli Studio Y, for a concert live performance and interview. Broadcasting live from Studio Y in the heart of Little Village, youth ages 13 to 24 take over the airwaves with unique stories, cool jams, and lots of lolz.

The Minimal Beat



Catch The Minimal Beat, your home for brand new independent music, on Lumpen Radio every Saturday 5-7PM CST. TMB is hosted & curated by resident DJs Caitlin Rose Mahoney & Bill Ocean, and features lively interviews & guest DJ sets by independent artists.

Listen to past episodes: The Minimal Beat Archive
Stay up-to-date on upcoming guests: @theminimalbeat
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Pop Punk Pizza Party

Monthly (3rd Day Above)


– Pop Punk Pizza Party –
“A slice for all, even Joey Ramone”

Thanks for listening and sharing this pop punk pizza party with us. We’ll cherish this moment forever!

– E Pizzacus Party –

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