AWCY FM is a parody news/talk/special interest variety program set in a surreal pastiche of Chicagoland. Join R. Sponsors, Cam Smedley and a wide cast of characters as they report the headlines, question the narratives, and broadcast YOUR CHICAGO NEWS and INTEREST!

Jungle Excursion

Bi-Weekly (1st & 3th Days Above)


Jungle Excursion: where the beat of the drum & the power of the bass is beloved internationally.

Sveiki Džiunglistai! My name is Sinsemilla and I’m going to take you on an excursion through the Jungle. The Jungle of Drum & Bass that is. Adventures await as we go on a fast-paced BPM journey to explore the past, current, and future states of Drum & Bass and its sub-genres. Buckle-in & brace yourself to hear both new & familiar sounds, names, and voices from the various communities spanning across multiple continents and cultures.

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Bi-weekly (1st & 3rd Days Above)


Sala: A living room of ideas

Sala invites artists, cultural workers, and civically minded people to discuss liberation, education, organizing, community, and practices toward healing, from the perspective of Artists’ and their artistic process. 

Perceptions of the Real

Bi-Weekly (2nd & 4th Days Above)


Perceptions of the Real is an exploration of what swims beneath our consciousness and how it surfaces through writing. Every 2nd and 4th Saturday @ 11AM, hosts Sarah Conway and Eli Ramirez are joined by a guest who produces a piece of writing live on-air. Together we will detangle the question of why we make what we make.

Soothing Sounds



Soothing Sounds is curated by the fine folks at UNCANNEDmusic. This series aims to present calming tones for our stressed-out times. UNCANNED curates extra-ordinary sound experiences for the hospitality industry, creating unique designs to enhance any situation through music. Lumpen Radio and UNCANNED hope that this special programming helps you find your center.

Lumpen Radio Twitch Live

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Lumpen Radio Twitch Live is the Community of the Future, streaming today. Weekly programming is curated by Lumpen Radio, PMI, ESS Chicago, International Anthem, Neobeat, LA Experimental, and more. Concerts feature artists and musician from all of over the world, together. Check the schedule often for updated concert information and follow us at

Wattz Up! and La Mesita



Wattz Up! is a youth produced and hosted variety talk show that reflects their culture and their communities. After Wattz Up! listeners can enjoy the sweet sounds of La Mesita, bringing independent and upcoming musicians to Yollocalli Studio Y, for a concert live performance and interview. Broadcasting live from Studio Y in the heart of Little Village, youth ages 13 to 24 take over the airwaves with unique stories, cool jams, and lots of lolz.