Re-Imagining FM Radio

Over the past three years Lumpen Radio has presented a multiversity of voices and sounds over the airwaves of Chicagoland. It is one of the few radio outlets left that is not run by a robot making playlists derived by a demographic research algorithm.

It’s made by real people with deep connections to the music they play. And the talks shows and live programs present a wide range of voices and opinions that sustain and fuel a diverse cultural exchange of ideas.

Lumpen DJs and producers are professional and amateur DJs, activists, artists, and creative folks that make WLPN one of the best live radio stations on Earth.

You can become part of the wide range of individual and commercial supporters that pays the bills to keep this station on the air..

You can support our programming through Underwriting.

Contact us at for a media kit that explains who we reach and how much it costs to stay in touch with an informed and engaged listener base that gives a shit.