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Chandeliers are a hardware-based electronic ensemble that have been a staple of the Chicago underground since 2005. "The melange of references range from disco to Acid; from Herbie Hancock to House; the colour of psychedelia to the groove of Moroder, all united by a cleaner than clean electronic sound. It’s music for a perfect world, the soundtrack for a club where the dawn never comes and the lights are never turned on."- The WIRE "Snatches of early Chicago House and echoes of German experimentalism. What’s unleashed is an endearingly kaleidoscopic, complex world. As evocative as the evocative things it invokes" - 20jazzfunkgreats "The group explores galactic pop, krautrock retrofuturism, incandescent jazz aesthetics, and acid house so acidic, Tim Leary wouldn't fuck with it." - AdHoc