Feburary 11, 2017

32 Djs perform in 24 hours!

Attention people of earth!

Clean out your ears and prepare yourself for the 32 X 24.

We have scoured Chicago and assembled 32 of the city's finest DJs, locked them in a room and have them performing 45 minute all vinyl sets nonstop for 24 hours.

The insanity starts at Noon Saturday February 11th and runs 24 hours till Sunday the 12th at noon. Come by and groove along with us or tune in from your habitat! The entire event will be broadcast LIVE on Lumpen Radio.

We will also open up our studios at Co-Prosperity Sphere if you want to come hang and say hi. There will also be tables featuring record vendors, music gear, and related products the day of the event. You wont want to miss this unique all vinyl music marathon.

32 X 24 is a benefit to support lumpen radio!

January 20, 2017


January, 2017

Professional Broadcasters Update Winter 2017.

Thank you all for listening to Lumpen Radio on 105.5fm, here on the web, or via your phones Lumpen Radio IOS app. We have been receiving some great feedback from you all and appreciate your comments, high fives and reports on where you can hear our signal.

It’s been two months since we have been on the air and since that time we have been wading through the organized chaos of 24/7 programming to make sure the Lumpen Radio DJs and talk show hosts know how to use the equipment, follow the stringent FCC guidelines and make their audio magic. We don’t really know how Evil Station Manager Logan Bay pulled off this organizational tsunami, but we thank him by leaving Martinez Supermercado tortas and burritos on his new desk as offerings every Tuesday afternoon. He doesn’t seem to mind being paid in burritos.

Since we launched WLPN-LP on the airwaves we have received many requests by listeners to see how they can get a show on the station. We are thrilled that you want to take part in our community radio experiment, but please know that we are understaffed and undercapitalized and are really not able to process any new shows at the moment. We spent about 16 months trying to figure out how to select, program, and train our collective of DJs. So give us a few months to parse through your requests. But if you do want a show, please listen to the station and see if you can offer something new and complementary to the diversity of audio action that is already on our station’s lineup. Also keep in mind that you should send a sample program for us to listen to. And if you want to do a talk show then you better have a producer and audio engineer to help you out. We do not have the resources to produce any more than the dozen or so talk shows that we already make in house. Sorry about that.

One of the best things about doing a Community Radio Station is to see who steps up to provide an answer to programming deficits. And one best thing is Jamie Trecker. When he realized we didn’t have a weather traffic and news update during drive times he took it upon himself to make it happen. Which he does every morning and evening. Not only does he give us the latest traffic info, he curates the news that’s fit to listen to in a few minutes. And speaking of news we hope you know that we play Democracy Now live every morning at 8am during the weekdays. We want more progressive news content like this to be on the air and we are working on it. Stay tuned.

Finally just for shits and giggles we want to make sure you know about one of our favorite segments on Lumpen Radio. It’s the Size Matters sequence on the Radio Free Bridgeport show hosted by John Daley and backed up by Ed Marszewski and Jamie Trecker, our aforementioned newshound. When John Piotrowski joined us last year to be part of the Lumpen Radio team we asked him to report on a little known subterranean world that lies below Bridgeport. It’s called Undertown. Basically John works with Undertown denizen and longtime Lumpen, er, friend, Kyle Syzmankowski, and investigates the everyday life, politics, and customs of it’s inhabitants. It’s really fantastic. Trust me. All of Size Matters has been posted on our Soundcloud page. Please dig in and enjoy the subterranean world of Undertown.


Thanks again for your support of Lumpen Radio. If you have a second please tell a friend about us, stop by the studio and say hi, and please keep on listening. We are going to work our asses off to ensure we make Radio Great Again. And with you on our side we know we will do just that.

November, 2016

Swag Central!

Visit our Holiday Swag-A-Thon!

We’ve begged, borrowed, and stole to get this station up and running and now we have to finish paying our contractors and engineers for all the hard work they have done.

So we are holding our Lumpen Radio Holiday Swag-A-Thon! It’s a silent fundraising drive where you buy our stuff and we use the profits to pay our bills. We have some incredible new shirts, posters, prints, tote bags and much more to tempt you. So please take a look!


October, 2016

It's really Happening...

We’re live and on the air! Lumpen Radio, WLPN-LP is on the airwaves at 105.5 FM. You can hear us in about half of Chicago and some surrounding suburbs west of the city. And of course you can hear us anywhere by listening to the station on lumpenradio.com and via the “Lumpen Radio” app in the iOS App Store.

We want to thank the hundreds of DJs, producers, talk show hosts, guests and friends who have created amazing shows for Lumpen Radio. Without you there is nothing.

We also want to thank all of the businesses and philanthropic persons who have given us underwriting support to help us pay for our ongoing general operations.

And most of all we want to thank the hundreds of listeners who have supported Lumpen Radio during our Swag-A-Thons and other fundraising campaigns. Your good vibes and continuing support got us here.

We love you.

We promise you will be blown away by what a group of people with a commitment to Chicago’s Media ecology can do with just a 100 Watts.