RAISIN vol 1 (Chicago)


A radical Black woman playwright found her excellent work embraced as an enduring artistic format that encourages dialogues on inequity and justice in cities across the world. The late Lorraine Hansberry’s narrative serves as the RAISIN inspiration, as well as a departure point for exploring a multiplicity of experiences and conversations.



Welcome to the broadcast platform of an eponymous visual arts exhibition featuring dialogues between visual artists, theater scholars, fair-housing advocates, global migration advocates, and more. The exhibition project is led by curator Asha Iman Veal, Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellow 2021. Veal also produces this radio cast.
RAISIN offers a dynamic slate of conversations that explore local and global perspectives on “home.”


Featured artworks above Black Woman Why? (2020) and ACT 2 SCENE 2 (2021) by RAISIN artists Kierah Kiki King.

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RAISIN vol 1,