2046 Life After

15:00special broadcast

2046: Life After __________


Sonic works from twenty-one Chicago artists involved in Radical Listening at UIC, developed in speculative response to the year 2046 and the various AFTERS we may find ourselves in.




Brandon Choy
Caleb MacKenzie-Margulies
Cecilia Nguyen
Daniel Barrera
Deepika Govindaraj
Erin Palovick
Inseok Choi
Jami Tinoco
Keaton Fox
LeeLoo Rose and Eri Jez as .(psy)che
Luis Alvarez
Maya Guerrero
Mills Mitchell
Pistol Pete, featuring Ashley Highbrow
Pushpakanthan Pakkiyarajah
Rabia Tayyabi
Rafi Las
Teri Carson
Tim Reyes
Yolanda Herrera

Produced by: Yolanda Herrera, Mills Mitchell, LeeLoo Rose, Brandon Choy, Caleb MacKenzie-Margulies
Facilitated by: Deborah Stratman

Host by