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Steve Mastny

Steve is a Certified Cicerone, Licensed Professional Engineer, and BJCP Certified Beer Judge. He founded the BeerDownload podcast with Matt Arata in 2009, as the culmination of a year of beer exploration that saw him drink over 1000 different beers in 35+ different states. Besides drinking more than 1000 unique beers in 2009, Steve is typically our beer buyer and program director. But more than that, he LOVES beer! Steve is a longtime card carrying member of the Chicago Beer Society, and joined the CBS board of directors in 2012. He is now President Emeritus of this storied beer institution well into it’s 5th decade. He has experience with beer event planning and organization, including the premier barrel aged beer event and competition, the annual Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer (FOBAB). When Steve isn't drinking beer, or organizing events so he can drink great beer with hundreds of his closest friends, he dabbles in homebrewing and barrel aging, builds solar powered vehicles and robots, and believe it or not is a licensed professional engineer who has also been known to inspect a bridge or two from time to time.