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Catie Olson

Catie Olson is multi-disciplinary artist born in Decatur, Illinois, the pleasant home of two chicken cars. She received her BS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1995 in Agriculture, ventured to Chicago and received her BFA at the School of the Art Institute in 2000. She works multi-disciplinary and with focus on interactive kinetic sculptures and sound. Additionally, Catie has regular DJ residencies including the Sportsman's Club, the Burlington & the Slippery Slope. DJ catieo spins a wide range of ecclectic and energetic tunes. Catie organizes SpiderBug, a mobile short film festival and also plays in an electronic troupe. She has shown work in Chicago including Heaven, The Garfield Park Conservatory, The Franklin, Tritriangle, and Defibrillator Performance Gallery.