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"Lumpen Radio amplifies voices from the margins"
Chicago Reader & Chicago Sun-Times, January 2017

"Up From Under, Lumpen Radio moves onto Chicago's airwaves"
South Side Weekly, January 2017

"Hooray, ‘Jagoff’ Is Now Officially A Word In
Oxford English Dictionary"

CBS Chicago, September 2016, Lumpen Magazine

EdMar on the The Download with Justin Kaufmann
July 2016

"Hot Doug's to pop up at Publican Quality Meats"
Chicago Tribune, January 2016

'Can Indie FM Radio Attract Local Fans?'
Chicago Magazine, November 2015

Bridgeport's Got Beef Coverage
The Gate Newspaper, November 2015
DNAinfo, October 2015

"Lumpen Radio Aims to Broadcast 'Magic Moments'
Over the Airwaves"

DNAinfo, May 2015

"Chicago's WLPN, the Low-power FM Movement and a
New Surge in Radio"

Chicago Tribune, April 2015